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LG USB SuperDrive DVD/CD Writer/Reader (Slot Load) Apple Compatible


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LG USB SuperDrive DVD/CD Writer/Reader

Slim silver style to match Apple equipment.  Portable so you can use with any computer with a USB port.  Works with Apple Mac and Windows.

  • Ultra Slim Portable DVD Writer
  • Slot Loading (like Apple SuperDrive)
  • M-DISC™ uses a patented rock-like surface instead of organic dye to etch
  • USB Powered

LGGP70NS50 / GP70NS50 / GP70 NS50 / 8806084465030 / 058231310771 .

Note: If you have a USB-C Port on your computer, please check out here for some adapters that might suit to convert from USB-C to a normal USB-A port...


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