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Insurance Reports

Insurance Reports
(a.k.a. Insurance Assessments or Insurance Quotes)
  • Have you dropped, damaged, or smashed your laptop, desktop, or iPad?
  • Have you spilt liquid such as wine, coffee/tea, or even soup etc over your laptop keyboard?
  • Have you knocked over your iMac and smashed the screen?
  • Have you dropped your MacBook and smashed the screen or dented the case?
  • Have you had your computer stolen?

Don’t worry about it, if you have household contents insurance, and/or business asset insurance, it should be fine. You might have an excess to pay, but we’ll handle the rest.

All you need to do is book a visit with us, and/or we can arrange a collect of your machine if this is easier for you.  We will advise you, and if needed, you make the claim, get a claim number, and that is all you have to do!

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we negotiate with your insurance provider to ensure you get the best outcome


We handle everything. Once you have a claim number, we handle the rest. We collect your machine (and/or details) for assessment – then we deliver the repaired machine, or can organise the replacement (where relevant), once ready with your data on it (if possible).

Insurance Report, Insurance Assessment, and Insurance Quote charges are normally covered by your insurance company. We will ask for up front payment to cover the testing/diagnosis and the insurance report/handling fee, but when your insurance covers this (assuming they will), any payment you have made will offset against your excess (if any), and/or to offset any data transfer costs that your insurance may not cover.

Upgrade options may be available. Your insurance company will usually only pay for a basic model, but we may be able to upgrade this for you and you pay the difference (if allowed).

For most MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, or iMac repairs, we use genuine Apple parts where possible and economic to do so, and/or can provide you with compatible upgrade options should this make more sense for you.  Your equipment will be assessed and installed/repaired by Apple trained technicians, so we know what we are doing specifically with Apple Mac equipment.

For devices such as iPad’s, we will generally provided two options where possible:

  1. Non-Apple, but compatible, screen or other replacement; OR
  2. Apple Authorised exchange price, which is usually more expensive, but retains any Apple warranty, and the whole base unit is replaced so this is the best quality “repair”.

We deal with most insurance companies including:

full insurance list can be found at bottom of page



Our charges are normally covered by your insurance company, all you need to do is give us your claim number, and we assess the damaged machine for you. We normally get you to pay the charges up front (which offsets against your excess if you have any), and the balance will be covered by the insurance company.

Testing/Diagnosis/Analysis and testing of the damaged equipment
from $76.52 + GST ($88) + applicable travel fees
Preparation of Insurance Report & Quote (on repair and/or replacement), and administration and handling of the claim with your insurance company
from $60.00 + GST ($69)

We provide your insurance company (or you directly, in rare cases) a quote on a repair price, and we generally quote on a replacement machine also, and your insurance company will choose. If the value of the repair is lower, your insurance company will generally choose to proceed with a repair (depending on your policy, and taking into account warranty on repair parts etc).

On occasions where the repair of the machine exceeds the replacement cost, the insurance company generally would replace your machine with the most similar model now available.

The broken/damaged machine will be written off and returned to the insurance company, and/or recycled/disposed of.

Data Recovery / Transfer

If we are replacing your machine, depending on the hard drive condition, we can generally move over your existing data to your replacement machine. Your insurance company will not normally cover these charges (especially if you have business insurance), but generally this will be a charge you will need to cover separately.

You may be able to upgrade the machine from the one we quote your insurance company on, and pay the difference. People often prefer this, as the options the insurance company provides are normally very basic. We offset the value the insurance company is paying from your ideal machine, and you top up the difference. This can be a huge advantage to you if we are handling your claim, as your insurance company may try to steer you to a direct replacement that they can get cheaply. Normally you do not have to accept this.

We handle all times of damage, from power surges and power spikes, to dropped or smashed, through to fire and smoke damage. We’ve recovered data from a literally molten plastic desktop PC before, and then replaced this under our clients insurance.


As we have no machine to assess for stolen goods, we generally need details about the machine, including serial number if possible, and ideally a purchase receipt of proof.

From this, we can prepare either a value of the machine at the time if was stolen, or the closest current model to match it (depending on your policy).

Again, the insurance company normally covers our charges, but we may ask you to pay them in advance.

Assessment of current/new value of stolen equipment
from $51.30+GST ($59) + applicable travel fees
Preparation of Insurance Report & Quote, and administration and handling of the claim with your insurance company
from $60.00 + GST ($69)


  • AA Insurance
  • AIG
  • Allianz
  • AMI Insurance (on behalf of IAG New Zealand Limited)
  • AMP General Insurance
  • Crombie Lockwood Insurance Brokers
  • IAG New Zealand Limited
  • Lumley Insurance
  • MAS / Medical Assurance Society Insurance
  • NZI Insurance (on behalf of IAG New Zealand Limited)
  • Southern Cross Travel Insurance
  • State Insurance (on behalf of IAG New Zealand Limited)
  • Tower Insurance
  • Uniway Assessments
  • Vero Insurance
  • Bank branded insurance policies, including: ANZ Insurance; ASB Insurance, Westpac Insurance etc
  • Various other insurance companies and brokers including: Fintel; AON; Baileys Insurance Brokers; FMG; Graeme England Insurance; Hutchison Rodway Brokers; Lantern Insurance; Marsh; OneCover etc