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Cable Phone BT to RJ11 Adapter 8cm RJ11 Plug (M) to BT Socket (F)


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Cable Phone BT to RJ11 Adapter 0.08M (8cm BT Socket to RJ11 Plug)

BT (Female) to RJ11 (Male)

  • 8cm~15cm / 80mm~150mm


BT socket is like the normal socket for wall phone ports in New Zealand.  The RJ11 is the normal plug in the back of phones, faxes, and ADSL/VDSL routers, as well as the VOIP phone ports on newer routers and modems with VOIP line features.

This can be used for joining, or utilising an existing extension cable to lengthen a cable for a router or modem etc.

* Note: cable is usually white, but can be grey or black.

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