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Our primary goal is to keep your computers working as long and as fast as possible, without having to buy new ones, saving money and the environment.

We come to you!

We are based in the Ponsonby/Grey Lynn area (Auckland, New Zealand), although we do not have a retail store or publicly accessible office, but we come to you so there is no need to drive to any store, no need to gather all your computer, backup drives, printers, routers, accessories etc, and no need to wait in a queue to get somebody who may not even be able to help you.  

We come to your home or office, and help you there and then where possible, or we collect the computer, repair/upgrade/maintain it for you, and then return it to you once completed where that is more cost effective.

Use your machine for longer!

We specialise in up-cycling existing Apple Mac computers, including upgrading and changing hard drives, and RAM/memory etc, and clearing out and upgrading operating systems etc, where possible.

We also have an extensive supply of new and second hand Apple parts to keep maintaining your existing machine as long as possible.

If your Apple Mac is no longer suitable for you, we will consider the best options for you, and we can:

  • upgrade you to a later model pre-loved/second hand computer; OR
  • we can set you up with a brand new Apple Mac fresh out of the box, if that is what you desire. Your old machine will be sent to a loving new home!

Apple service provider trained

We are a small team of dedicated enthusiasts for Apple Mac products, and we are Apple Service Provider trained and aware.  Where possible, we use only genuine Apple parts (or better), we use genuine and ESD safe tools, and we we will refuse to do work that will not produce a good result (such as using cheap knock-off parts, sub-standard hardware repairs etc).  For this reason we will not do iPad repairs, and we outsource iPhone repairs.

Same high quality without the same high price!

As we have no direct affiliation with Apple service, we are not required to try and sell you extremely expensive new Apple channel parts and products.  Where possible we use genuine second hand or refurbished parts, better-than-Apple non-Apple branded parts, and/or good quality parts from other sources such as overseas, this makes the repair significantly cheaper for you than any Apple Authorised Service Provider in New Zealand, BUT with the same quality, and often better warranty periods.

For Apple Warranty or Apple Recall products, we can assist you with this still, so you don't need to go anywhere else, as we work closely with a couple of Apple Service Providers, and we can handle this for you (* note: charges, and travel may apply, for the convenience).

Save money, get a good quality result, and save the planet by repairing old equipment instead of throwing it out.

Details of the change for cstuff Ponsonby (and other) customers:

Note: cstuff Ponsonby customers are being redirected here.  All the old phone numbers work to our current lines.

All loyal cstuff Ponsonby and other customers are now having their Apple Mac repairs and upgrades looked after by Orange Direct, and have been since 9 March 2015.

Orange Direct provides more cost effective onsite visits for Apple Mac repairs in the Ponsonby and surrounding areas. We complete some work at your place where cost effective, and we offer a collect and return service around the local area for more complicated jobs, within say roughly 5km of the previous Ponsonby Road store. This includes areas like Western Springs, Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay, Freemans Bay.

Depending on the level of the job, this collect and return service starts from just $88, which already includes the first half hour of labour, the callout fee (for local), and the travel costs. Our hourly rates have reduced from cstuff’s rates, and so your overall repair cost should be a lot cheaper than before. We’re charging $59 per half hour at YOUR place in the local area, and where more economic – we return the computer to our place for repairs/upgrade/maintenance, making the overall job a lot cheaper for you.

Orange Direct
Auckland, New Zealand

(Orange Direct is a New Zealand owned and based business, and is an trading name owned and operated by M J R Todd since March 2015)