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Pre-Loved / Second Hand / Refurbished Computers

We buy and sell pre-loved, reconditioned, ex-lease, and other second hand Apple Mac computers.  ** See below for Pre-Loved items we have in stock now

When you are ready to trade-in your old Mac, let us know, and we may be interested in taking it off your hands for our refurbishing program. We can take some non-working machines also, and recycle them for you.

Sellers of pre-loved machines to us, depending on the age and condition of the machine, you will often get from $100 to $1500 for your working machine (or a free recycle for non-working machines), and then we upcycle or refurbish it fully or use it for parts.  We can even arrange transfer of data to a drive or to a new /newer machine, and then we securely erase your data off your old drive.

Buyers of our pre-loved equipment will get a fresh install of the latest operating system for that device, and will come fully tested normally with at least a 3-month warranty (other than for clearance items, at clearance prices).