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Cable USB-A to micro USB (White) Samsung & USB Micro B Charge Devices 0.3M 1.2M 2M 3M 5M


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Cable micro USB (White) Charge/Sync for USB Micro B * Various Lengths

USB 2.0 Micro B (Male) to USB Type A (Male)

A standard USB (Type A) plug (Male) at one end, and a micro USB plug (Male) at the other end.

 *Note: Options with Adapter to charge USB-C devices also.

Suitable for:

  • many types of Samsung phones & devices
  • many types of Android phones & devices
  • various other devices that charge and sync via micro USB such as:
    • bluetooth headphones
    • bluetooth speakers
    • battery packs
    • backup battery packs

Available in:

  • 0.3M / 30cm (C-U2AMICB-W03) 3969462579516
  • 1.2M / 120cm (C-U2AMICB-W12)
  • 2M / 200cm (C-U2AMICB-W20)
  • 3M / 300cm (C-U2AMICB-W30)
  • 5M / 500cm (C-U2AMICB-W50)


Also available in Black! - see other listing under C-U2AMICB-B#

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