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Baseus Car Charger 30W 5A Dual USB & USB-C Quick Charge 4.0


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Baseus Car Charger 30W 5A (Black) Dual with USB-C & USB Ports

Plugs into cigarette lighter socket for charging 2x devices at a time, one from USB-C port, and one from USB-A standard USB port.

BASUCCCD CCYS-D01 6953156225695 .

  • 30W 5A
  • QC4.0 / Quick Charge 4.0
  • 1x USB-C Port / USB C Port
  • 1x USB-A Port / USB 2.0 Standard Port
  • Brand New Retail Bagged

*Note: this is NOT intended to charge laptops due to the low 30W power (most need 60W or higher).  Some 12-inch MacBook's may charge on this, but only if using single USB-C port and only one device.

Replaces: CCALL-YSO1 CCALL-YS01 6953156286535 2.4A version.

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