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Customise Hard Drive for Mac Format (or other format) * with Hard Drive Purchase

Orange Direct (NZ)

  • $10.00
  • Save $29

Most hard drives and backup drives ship in the PC format for Windows PC's.

They will need to be formatted for Apple Mac for use with Apple Time Machine etc.

We can do this for your for $10 if you wish only with the purchase of a drive from us, please specify in the order notes if you wish us to do this, and include the name you want to call the drive.

Please allow an extra couple of days for delivery.

* NOTE: This is ONLY available with the purchase of a hard drive from us!  We can do this for any drive, but it would be a remote access fee via TeamViewer for $39.

If necessary, we can organise a ship to us and return option, but this would be $59 and would take a week or more, plus any additional courier costs above normal (such as Rural Delivery / RD etc).


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