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RD / Rural Delivery Recovery of Surcharge from NZ Post

RD / Rural Delivery Recovery of Surcharge from NZ Post

Orange Direct (NZ)

  • $5.90
  • Save $1

NZ Post's Surcharge for RD / Rural Delivery Addresses

Delivery to these addresses cost us around $6.50, but we subsidise this at a lower rate if you choose the correct shipping method on order.

If you do not choose the correct shipping option, we will send you a payment link to make this $5.90 extra payment before we can release the order.

We spend a lot of time each day collecting these extra payments from people choosing the wrong method, and we cannot continue to subsidise these, as it actually costs us real money, and the extra time to contact people.

It would be great if people in Rural Delivery addresses could just choose the correct shipping options from the get go, for the sake of all small businesses around New Zealand :)

Thanks for understanding!

Note: This is NOT a separately saleable product, this is only an add-on cost as part of an existing order.  The picture of a ticket is representative only, it is actually just a tick box we choose on our shipping labels, for NZ Post to charge us more (around $6.50) it is not an actual product.

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