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Terms & Shipping


We offer multiple payment terms, with no additional cost:

  • Bank Deposit - normal transfer from your internet banking;
  • Visa/MasterCard - We offer this service through eWay, and for your protection, this uses 3DS secure payment acceptance, which will require additional security steps to verify your payment;
  • POLi Payments - offers an easier and instant transfer bank-to-bank via POLi, which shows up instantly at our end.  This service is owned by Australia Post, and the likes or Air New Zealand etc use this service.
  • Laybuy - pay over 6 weekly interest-free instalments, with the first being due on the day of purchase.  This service costs us a lot, and merchant fees are not refundable, so any refunds would be less the merchant fee charged to us (approx 5%), or we can offer credit for other items.


As we are a small family business, we are not able to offer Refunds or Returns for "change of mind" or if you choose the incorrect product.  We do our best to show you all the details for the models, and so it is best to check on all the detail contained in each item, as we list them all if we can.  Feel free to email us also, if you are not sure :)
  • If you buy something incorrectly, and we've given you all the detail, we still may be able to return the item if it is in good order, provided you cover the shipping costs in and out, and a restocking fee to cover replacement packaging or for preparing to resell again.
  • If you purchase on Laybuy, any refund you might qualify for would be less their fees (about 5%) as they will not credit or refund us for the merchant fees they charge us, or we can swap for other items. For instance, a $100 item to refund via Laybuy would cost us $5, so you will get $95 back
  • If anything is faulty or we have described the product incorrectly, we're happy to accept returns or refunds, as required by the Consumer Guarantees Act (which applies for New Zealand based purchases only).
  • Business purchases do not qualify for Consumer Guarantees Act provisions, so if you are purchasing in a business name, or holding out to be a business, or are using the purchase for business, the Consumer Guarantees Act will not apply.


We try to make shipping free or as cheap as possible for you.

Where possible, and where practical, we will save costs of shipping and carbon footprint by removing packaging, and/or by using minimal packaging materials.  We try to use eco friendly cardboard packaging and packing as much as possible, however for the safe transport of your items we may still use minimal bubble wrap until a better option becomes available.

We try and fit your items into the smallest bag or box possible, to save the costs.  Some larger items will need to be sent as they are and/or in large boxes, and we acknowledge this makes the shipping cost jump a lot higher, as New Zealand Post charges us a lot for these.


Generally most shipping sizes have 3 main options, and an Economy option for larger items to the South Island:

STANDARD - NZ Nationwide
2-4 business days & NOT Rural Delivery/RD (* extra $5.90 for RD surcharge)

FASTER - NZ Nationwide
1-3 business days & NOT Rural Delivery/RD (* extra $5.90 for RD surcharge)

RURAL - NZ Nationwide
3-6 business days Rural Delivery/RD *incl discounted RD surcharge
* NOTE: This MUST be chosen for Rural Delivery addresses, otherwise we'll have to add the $5.90 surcharge manually, and ask for additional payment.
ECONOMY - NZ South Island (Larger Packages)
4-6 business days


Most of our items are based on the smallest shipping bag they can fit into, with the cheapest being the DLE size at $4.90 (*currently 18/07/2023).

Because we are currently based in Auckland, the exception of this is for larger items sent within the Auckland region, as these are cheaper for us to send - so this is an advantage to those more local to us :)

DLE Bag Nationwide: Standard $4.90 / Faster $9.90 / Rural Delivery $9.90

A5 Bag Auckland: Standard $4.90 / Faster $9.90 / Rural Delivery $9.90
A5 Bag Nationwide: Standard $5.90 / Faster $9.90 / Rural Delivery $9.90

A4 Bag Auckland: Standard $4.90 / Faster $9.90 / Rural $9.90
A4 Bag Waikato/Bay of Plenty/Northland: Standard $5.90 / Faster $9.90 / Rural Delivery $9.90
A4 Bag Nationwide: Standard $6.90 / Faster $9.90 / Rural $9.90

Foolscap Bag Auckland: Standard $4.90 / Faster $9.90 / Rural $9.90
Foolscap Bag Waikato/Bay of Plenty/Northland: Standard $6.90 / Faster $9.90 / Rural Delivery $9.90
Foolscap Bag Nationwide: Standard $7.90 / Faster $9.90 / Rural $9.90

Lineflow Bag Auckland: Standard $4.90 / Faster $9.90 / Rural $9.90
Lineflow Bag Waikato/Bay of Plenty/Northland: Standard $9.90 / Faster $14.90 / Rural Delivery $14.90
Lineflow Bag Nationwide: Standard $12.90 / Faster $17.90 / Rural $14.90

For the larger items that do not fit into courier bags, the cost that NZ Post charge us jumps up a lot.  We have identified which items fit into which box, so it will only show you the options available for you, based on the type you are choosing.

Box 3-4 Medium Box
Auckland: Standard $5.90 / Faster $9.90 / Rural $11.90
Waikato/Bay of Plenty/Northland/1 Sector: Standard $9.90 / Faster $17.90 / Rural $14.90
North Island Other/2 Sector: Standard $16.90 / Faster $19.90 / Rural $19.90
South Island: Economy 3-6 days $34.90

Box 7-8 Large Box
Auckland: Standard $6.90 / Faster $14.90 / Rural $9.90
Waikato/Bay of Plenty/Northland/1 Sector: Standard $9.90 / Faster $17.90 / Rural $14.90
North Island Other/2 Sector: Standard $22.90 / Faster $29.90 / Rural $29.90
South Island: Economy 4-6 days $49.90 / Standard 2-4 days $69.90 

Box 8-9 Very Large Box
Auckland: Standard $9.90 / Rural Delivery $14.90
Waikato/Bay of Plenty/Northland/1 Sector: Standard $14.90 / Rural $19.90
North Island Other/2 Sector: Standard $37.90 / Rural $41.90
South Island: Economy 3-6 days $98.00 / Standard 2-4 days $138.00


We can offer shipping for some smaller items to Australia.  The costs to us are very high for this, so it tends to just be economical on the smaller more specific items.

FREE - Digital Download/Software Codes Only (Sent by Email)
$19.90 - Small/Light Items < 700gm 0.0 kg – 0.7 kg
$29.90 - Medium Items < 3kg 0.7 kg – 3.0 kg
$39.90 - Larger Items < 5kg 3.0 kg – 5.0 kg
$59.90 - Large Items > 5kg (10kg max)