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VERTUX HDMI Cable 1.5M (Red) VirtuLink-150 8K UHD/Ultra HD 48Gbps eARC 3D Capable GameCharged


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VERTUX HDMI Cable 1.5M (Red) VirtuLink-150 8K Ultra HD

GameCharged™ 8K HDMI Cable Audio Video 3D Support with eARC.

This HDMI cable connects your HDMI compatible source and display devices to transmit enhanced 8K video with Dynamic HDR.

VXLINK-150RD VERTULINK-150.RE Red 6959144054346 6959144054339 .

Nicely boxed item suitable as a gift! 

Especially suitable for:

  • Sony PS5
  • Sony PS4
  • XBOX Series X
  • XBOX Series S
  • 4K Smart TV
  • 8K Smart TV
  • Soundbars/Sound Bars

Compatible with all your existing HDMI devices, including PC Projectors Smart TV's Blu-ray players, other game consoles and 4K screens.  This cable is ideal for future-proofing your HD setup in anticipation of an 8K upgrade.

  • 150cm / 1.5M HDMI Cable
  • Red colour ("Bloody Red")
  • Max Res: 8K @60Hz (7680x4320 resolution)
  • Works with 4K @120Hz (3840x2160) & 5K (5120x2160)
  • 48Gbps Bandwidth
  • eARC Support (Enhanced Audio Return Channel)
  • 3D Video Support
  • Dynamic HDR
  • DTS:X Surround Sound
  • DTS Master
  • ALLM Auto Low Latency Mode
  • VRR Variable Refresh Rate
  • QFT Quick Frame Transport
  • QMS Quick Media Switching

1.5M HDMI cable 150cm HDMI cable hdmi cable 1.5m 8K hdmi cable 4K hdmi cable .

* Note: This is a really nicely boxed item suitable as a gift.  It has larger packaging, which makes shipping slightly more expensive, but the pack presentation is really nice!

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